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Michael L. Lockwood, R.A., LEED AP



Mr. Lockwood has worked in field of architecture and construction for over 20 years.   After college, In 1996, he joined a local construction company due to no available work in architecture and no work experience.  It was the company of Longreen Construction where he worked hard labor to renovate the Lady of Lourdes High School on Boardman Road in Poughkeepsie.  He then proceeded to assist with renovations to St. Peters Cemetary and was soon promoted to cerk of the works for the new construction of the McCann Center Addition at Marist College.  He was responsible for overseeing the subcontractors work, providing direction and clarification on construction documents and hand drawing as built revisions over the existing construction drawings.  Following completion of the McCann Center project, Michael went back to college to learn "Autocad" which was the industry stadard drawing software for architects.  He found that without this skill it would be difficult to find employment with an architect to work toward his licensure.  While studying, he met and architect named Andrew Wright and they struck interest in each others portfolio of work and skills.  Andrew hired Michael to work in his architectural firm.  Michael assisted with hand drawn construction drawings for high end residential designs for large mansions in New Jersey, apartment renovations in New York City and Camps in the Adirondacks.  He started drafting with plastic lead on mylar, although it wasn't long before Michael had transformed the entire office drawing convention to Autocad based drawings.  After obtaining experience in high end residential design, Michael had a thirst to learn more about architecture in other fields and explored other firms for something new to learn. Michael landed a job with WSDG, a highly recognized worldwide Acoustics Architectural Firm.  While employed at WSDG, MIchael had the pleasure of working on famous client projects, such as Richard Gere's Home Theater and Studio, Mitch Leigh's Media Room, Jame Earl Jones Theatre, Che Labs in Switzerland and Glenn Tonche Project in Ashokan, NY and many more.   Michael was put in the position to set up all presentation drawings for publishing due to his keen eye for good graphics and proportions. He also learned to develop construction drawings for Music Studios, Auditoriums, night clubs and concert halls and worked with the WSDG team developing the acoustic detail drawings for their construction.  Following his experience with acoustics, Michael still wanted to learn more, so he left WSDG to work for Tinkelman Architecture PLLC of Poughkeepsie, where Michael obtained experience with low income housing projects, multifamily housing, and several types of commercial projects including retail space, community spaces, medical facilities, church additions, etc.  Michael worked at Tinkelman Architecture twice in his career.  He started work there early in his career and finished his career there before starting his own firm.   In between this time he worked with Alfandre Architecture in New Paltz on sustainable green designed homes and other larger commercial projects.  This is where Michael gained experience working on his first LEED certified home.  After a couple years working with Alfandre, Michael decided to start his own construction company while simultaneously working together with Jordan Valdina, P.E. on design projects.  Michael built some successful projects in the HudsonValley with his company.  Michael had built a single family home, residential additions, renovations and some commercial spaces within the 2 years the company was opened.  Following this experience, Michael decided to go back to work for a short time with WSDG and then Tinkelman Architecture where he was employed from 2008 to 2017. During Michael's entire career he had managed his own design company know as "Caddesigns" where he assisted architects all over the Hudson Valley on drafting construction documents as a consultant.  Michael has grown a large network of professionals due to the services he provided and had opportunity to work closeley with a wide range of talented mentors.  During that time he has developed a sound and productive relationship with William Brinnier, RA and collaborated on a number of residential and commercial projects in the Mid-Hudson Valley area.  He continues his collaboration with Mr. Brinnier on many distinctive buildings that are sustainably built to serve their clients for many years to come. Michael received his LEED credentials in 2010, his architectural license in 2015 and developed his own architectural firm, Lockwood Architecture PLLC, at the end of 2016.  Additionally, Michael has recently developed a general contracting, construction management and design-build firm as a partnership LLC with Joshua Thibault.  It is Michael's intention to work with people to build a better functioning environments of beauty.  Through his work of good design, sustainability, and working within your budget.  Michael knows how to develop the results you want and need to fully appreciate architecture.


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